Incorporated in 2006, Canyon View Elementary Foundation is a successful 501(c) 3 non-profit organization made up of parents, teachers, and administrators dedicated to fundraising for Canyon View to provide our children with the best education possible through Technology, Art, Science, Music, P.E. & Impact Programs along with software licensing and other school needs that are NOT met by current school DISTRICT budgets.

2016-2017 Board of Directors

Principal:  Megan Battle

President:  Heather Fleming

Vice President:  Casey Sullivan

Treasurer:  Kim Mordan

Secretary:  Andrea Mitchell

Teacher Representative:  Samantha Yellen

PTA Liason:  Jenny Oesterblad

2016-2017 Officers

Volunteers: Leila Knox

Jog-a-thon: Ryan Rogers

Silent Auction: Veronique Bernatchez

Events: Caitlin Reardon

Tech/STEAM Team: Kevin Segraves

Advertising: Jolene Zarzycki & Lindsey Burkett​

Coyote Gear:  Valerie Segraves

Social Media: Mary Scelfo

Life Lessons:  Dawn Meyer

Sponsorship: Roxanne Hinchman