The Art Program that is a part of our students’ bi-weekly experience provides the kids with an opportunity to learn about various artists, from famous masters, to modern and current artists who are making new roads in the art world.  The students learn about some of the basics, like tracing, drawing and collaging, but they also move onto more advanced concepts based on line, shape, and composition.  We explore color, using various techniques including paint, markers, and pencils.  The students love getting to create a piece of art with clay.  They go through the full process of creating from the moldable clay, to glazing their own fired ceramic piece, and seeing the effects of the firing process on the raw clay, and the glaze.


Each year, we build on the concepts that students learn.  We revisit the color wheel, and the process of mixing colors every year.  We repeat concepts and go over art vocabulary throughout their years, so that by the time they leave Canyon View, they have a stronger understanding of art and design.  WE talk about how art relates to the world around them, both in expressing ideas, and representing objects, as well as some relations between math, science, and technology.  As the students develop their ideas around the STEM related curriculum, we are offering them an opportunity to strengthen their abilities for presenting themselves and their ideas through Art and Design.  Art offers multiple avenues of developing creative and critical thinking.  Every child has the ability to create, the just need to be shown avariety of ways in which they can do that.  At least one of those will be the right fit.